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Herbert St. John Jones
Champion Shire Stallion 'Pendley Goalkeeper'


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Peter Sculthorpe

Peter Sculthorpe - Winter Meadow

Linda Volrath

Linda Volrath - The Mrs

Stuart Dunkel

Stuart Dunkel - Catch of the Day
Everyone agrees, Stuart Dunkel's paintings are adorable, humorous and sweet. People also recognize that each picture is exceptionally well painted. Stuart Dunkel is multi talented to say the least. He's a painter, a musician and an author. Sight, sound and words are the tools of his unique expressions. He began painting at age five and at age seven was studying music. Disciplined formal training appealed to Dunkel and he dedicated his life to in-depth study of all three expressions. He studied music and art at Boston University, Mannes College of Music, the Juilliard School (Doctorate), and art at the Boston Museum School, Kent State, the Academy of Realist Art, the Seattle Academy of Art as well as privately with respected teachers. After all that he still feels that he is self-taught. His breakthrough moment in art came when he discovered that music and art were made up of the same ideas. Conceptual juxtaposition has always been his gift. Rhythm, harmony, counterpoint, balance, contrast, scales, chromatism, keys, high and low, dark and bright, loud and soft, colorful and dull, jumbled in his minds eye - all the polarities in the arts and indeed in life itself!

Valerie Hinz

Valerie Hinz - Homeward Bound
Valerie Hinz (rhymes with pins) is a skilled painter, capable of painting a variety of subjects from equestrian scenes to wildlife images. No matter what the subject, each painting reveals an appealing composition bathed in warm light and usually accented with rich, juicy colors. Though her scenes are all representational, her painterly brush strokes are usually referred to as "impressionistic." A number of paintings by Ms. Hinz are always on view at the gallery.

Steve Worthington

Steve Worthington - Nosey
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